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Our Terms & Conditions detailed below refer solely to your own personal use of this individual website and not to any other website you may access from any link contained herein. Accordingly, should you visit this website and view the contents, it is assumed that whilst here you have viewed, read and agreed to these general Terms and Conditions of website use. Throughout these terms, this domain and website are referenced as WFHNC.

A. Copyright: The displayed content you can see on this website which includes the written text plus any photo images and graphics, logos, buttons, videos, audio etc., is owned by WFHNC, their web programmers, product or service suppliers and various other content suppliers employed from time to time.

International copyright laws apply to this content, so do please do not copy or use any of this, without gaining written permission from us first.

B. Trademarks: The domain and any logo or graphic depicting these names, are our exclusive property and must not be used for the promotion of any product, business or service that is not directly related to or connected with, this business. In turn, any names of any product suppliers, advertisers, logos, graphics, business names and so forth, belong to and are the property of those individual suppliers and must not be used without first gaining their written permission too.

C. Access: We accordingly provide you personal access to visit this website and use as you wish, but not to download with the exception of page caching, neither to make any changes or alterations to it or any part thereof, unless you first have obtained a written agreement and approval from us to do so. If you want to, you may place a link to our Home Page, just as long as this does not indicate or show this website in a false or misleading manner.

D. Communications: Should you decide to subscribe to any newsletter that may be made available, we will likely from time to time email you information on new or updated services, products too, plus other relevant information we believe may be of assistance..

E. Buying: Should we at any future time, sell products or make subscription offers directly from this website, this will not be to minors, only to adults who choose and are able, to complete a purchase with a Credit or Debit card or other form of electronically processed payment method. As such, under 16's may only make such purchases or subscribe, with the direct assistance of a parent, guardian or other responsible adult.

F. Descriptions: WFHNC endeavors to provide up to date, accurate and informative details, of any available products and services sold, or programs directly promoted from this website. However, we are unable to guarantee or warrant any service, product or program descriptions will be entirely accurate or free from errors.

G. Disclaimer: You hereby agree and acknowledge that your personal use of this website is entirely at your own risk. It is provided only on an "as is and when available" basis and we make no representations or warranties - whether expressed or implied, as to the successful operation of the website itself, plus the content and any products details displayed here. Also, we cannot guarantee this website or the web servers plus any email communications sent are free of viruses or other components that may prove harmful. With this in mind, we will not be held liable or accountable for any damage that may be caused from the use of this website or content.

H. Changes: WFHNC reserves the right to alter, change or edit this website and any of it's content be they, products, services, programs, prices, the Privacy Policy or these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. As such, should any of these T. & C.'s be deemed as invalid or for any reason, not forceable, all such conditions will be severable and will not affect the validation or enforcement of any other remaining condition with these Terms and Conditions.

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