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Registering - Disclaimer:- Should you decide to register with the main business opportunity promoted from this website, you will be taking the first steps towards setting up your own online business. This is not a job or an offer of employment, for you will be a self-employed, independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative, or franchisee.

You are welcome to register and review or "test drive" this business opportunity for as long as you choose. At no time are you obligated to actively participate and you can opt-out of your Registration at any time.

There is no joining fee to pay whatsoever and no ongoing costs to continue participating. All websites and training are provided entirely free of charge.

Should you decide to purchase any products or services, this is entirely your own choice, likewise, with any money you may choose to invest in promoting your new business.

We recommend that you do not buy anything at all, that you do not need. You will be shown proven methods for promoting your business, with no out of pocket costs.

 You will however, need the ability to learn and spend time, on building your business. This business opportunity has been operating online since 1999 and the owning Parent company has been in existence since 1985.

On registering, you will be assigned a Sponsor who's role is to help you get started, support you and answer any questions you may have. You can also obtain assistance from other participants and from Company Support.

Please Note:- This is not a "get rich quick scheme" but a REAL and proven business model. Nothing however, is achieved without your time input and personal effort. To join and Register for Free, please Click Here

Earnings - Disclaimer:-   Should you decide to register with the main business opportunity promoted from this website, there is no costs to you for doing this and as such, we do not earn any fees or commission for introducing you. Furthermore, we do not make any claims or predictions at this website in respect of any future earnings or income.

You will be able to review the current Compensation Plan upon registering. If through a combination of your time input, learning and personal action taken, you subsequently generate sales or purchases of products and services, then your assigned Sponsor and ourselves, may be paid a commission. As a general rule though, the only time anyone receives any form of commission on yours or any future team effort, is only after you have first been rewarded.

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